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What would happen if summer and winter met each other?

A wooden fence separates two very different gardens: one filled with snow, and the other one bathed in warm summer sun. Winter is a lonely, grumpy, old man in the twilight of his life, in his small house covered in snow. With the arrival of a new neighbour, the kind and friendly Summer, Winter’s peace is disturbed when decides to build himself a home, in the adjacent garden. Winter won’t hesitate to hinder Summer’s plans, if it means giving him an easier life. However, when Winter finally succeeds in breaking Summer’s hard working spirit, he feels miserable and riddled with guilt, so he tries to encourage Summer to finish his house. When the new house is finished, Winter will be gone. In her place, the innocent child Spring, will settle into the garden. He who was once Summer, has matured into adult Autumn.

Emilio Enigma


Abel Alfonso


Raúl Berninches


3D Animation



Winter is a lonely, old man in the twilight of his life. He’s grumpy and fussy, although he hides a big heart under his worn body.
The young summer is full of vitality and anxious to build himself a new home. Funny, kind and naive, he’s actually a boy with a great entrepreneur spirit.
Spring is an innocent child, tender and childish. She’s fascinated with the world around her, and incarnates the grace of childhood.
Winter House
“He pulled a big chunck of snow and he revealed an old, dry autum leave. He picked it and he looked at it sadly.”
Winter Mood
Winter’s dwelling shares many features with him. Harsh and cold on the outside, warm and peaceful on the inside.
Summer House
Summer’s humble home hosts his dreams and hopes, white watching the time pass, it waits patiently the day snow will start to fall.

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Solstice Short film is more productive with Kitsu
A symphonic orchestra with more than 60 musicians will create the original sound track. It will be recorded in Austria and directed by Carlos Rodriguez.

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Executive Production

Raúl Berninches